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Online Auction FAQs

What is an
“Online Only”

What is

What is a

A HiBid account is Required!

Please note, the video tutorials below were done on a computer.
If you are on a cell phone, the menu will appear as 3 lines to the right of the logo.

You need to register for the auction!

Please note, you must have a HiBid account prior to registering to bid!  We are unable to work around this step.

What is a “Live Webcast” vs “Online Only” auction?

Webcast auctions allow internet bidders to bid in real time while Online Only takes all bids through online.
Please be sure you have created a HiBid profile AND registered for the specific auction before the auction begins.


How do I bid on HiBid?

  • Pick the item you want, and click to place your bid. Enter the maximum price you are willing to pay. You will not automatically pay this price, but will be kept in the bidding until this price is surpassed.
  • Your bid will be placed at the lowest increment allowed on the item.  Your bid will not be raised until someone else bids, at which time you will be raised to the next increment above the bid placed.  It will not be raised again until someone else bids, and then the system will bids for you.  If someone outbids your “max bid”, then you must place a new bid or lose your chance to buy the item.
  • When registering, you may request an email alert that you have been outbid.  To check this setting, simply click your name at the top of the auction page, scroll down to “Account Info”, go to the bottom of the page and select “Send Email when Outbid on an Item”



  • Held online only with no in person bidding available. (Not comfortable with internet bidding?  Contact us for “absentee” alternative!)
  • Bids may be placed anytime between the time the auction opens until the item is closed,
  • “Soft close” is a set time that will be added to the closing of a lot that gets a bid within the last few seconds.  
  • “Stagger” times is the amount of time allotted between closing lots, allowing you to navigate through your lots during closing – so not all lots will close at the same time.
  • Closed lots will disappear from the screen, and the next upcoming lots will appear.


  • Pre-Bidding is available in days prior to auction
  • Live bidding is held via simultaneous in person and online webcast bidding
    • We do our best to provide audio through the webcast of the live auction.

Live bidding:  What should I expect bidding via HiBid during a webcast?

  • Make sure you are logged in to your hibid account to avoid any delays in bidding.  We always recommend using a computer vs a smart phone or tablet when possible. 
  • When the webcast begins, the auctioneers will begin selling items in real time.  Items are shown in sale order, which may differ from numerical order. 
  • As the auctioneers move through the auction, you will see the item being offered, quantity available, and who has the high bid.
  • You will be given the next increment available.  If you wish to place your bid – simply click to bid.  If your bid is accepted, then you will be alerted that you are the “winning” bidder”.
  • As the auctioneer reaches the end of the bidding on the item, you will receive a “fair warning” alert that you must act quickly.  If no one bids within a few seconds, then the auctioneer will announce the item as “Sold” and the next item will appear on your screen.
  • Please remember that on-site bidders may take precedence over webcast bidders if the max bids match.


The auction is over, now what?

  • Once your last item has been sold, you may exit the auction and go about your day.  
  • After the conclusion of the auction, where all items are sold, you will be contacted with your invoice.
    • A link to a payment preference /pickup questionnaire will be included with your invoice.
  • Payment must be made within 72 hours of the end of the auction.  Unpaid invoices will then be charged to credit card registered with HiBid.
  • You will need to proceed to the auction site or contact us to arrange the pickup of your items.
    • No items will be shipped until Bob’s Auction Service is Paid In Full

Online or Webcast Auctions!

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